Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ice Cream Fun

There are lots of fun facts about ice if it wasn't fun enough!

Young and old find this frozen treat soft, smooth, and absolutely irresistible. Whether eating it from a bowl, licking it from a cone stacked high, or scooping it straight out of the container into your waiting mouth - any experience with this tasty dessert is bound to be a fun one!

As you lick up the last few drops from your treat and think that your fun with ice cream is soon to be over, why not savor a couple of fun facts about this tasty treat? How do these facts relate to you?

Fact # 1: Most Popular Flavors

The choice is up to you. You're at the supermarket and find yourself in the frozen foods aisle, peering through the glass doors at the frozen desserts. You carefully examine all the flavors available and then come to your decision. You open the freezer door and reach for your favorite flavor. What did you choose? The most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, and strawberry!

Fact # 2: Most Popular Topping

With your favorite ice cream safely tucked into your car, you head for home. Once home, you immediately grab a spoon, fill your bowl, and reach for a topping. What did you grab? Most people choose chocolate syrup.

Fact # 3: Sharing with a Pet

Having made your frozen dessert just the way you like it, you flop yourself into a comfy chair to enjoy your treat. All your actions have not gone unnoticed. Within a couple minutes, your faithful dog saunters over and decides it's time for him to cash in on some of his rights as "man's best friend." Softly, he whimpers, fixing his steady gaze on the contents in your bowl. What do you do? About 5% of people let their pet enjoy some of this frosty treat with them!

Fact # 4: Licking the Bowl Clean

The contents in your bowl quickly diminish - whether you have the help of your dog or not! You scrape your spoon along the bottom of the bowl. Soon, even the spoon becomes ineffective for getting anything out. As you look inside your bowl, you can see all the goodies that your spoon has left. That's bothersome. You don't want to waste even a drop of this tasty treat! Inside, a war rages. You can't rinse this down the sink! Then again, will you actually lick the bowl? What will you do? Men (13%) are more likely to lick the bowl clean than women (8%).

Facts are fun, but everyone cream is the most fun when you have a full bowl in front of you and some melting inside your mouth