Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dreams make sense

What are dreams all about? If you can answer that then you know more about dreams than the dream researchers themselves. Many scientists and individuals have tried to explain dreams, from metaphorical interpretations to them being nothing more than 'tying up the day's events'. Each of these 'explanations' is just a subjective interpretation with no concrete evidence. With the advance of brain imaging technologies, we are getting close to understanding more about the obscure reality of our subconscious. However, as little as we do know, we still know enough to bring you these wild facts...

Six years strong

Now, having only one dream that lasts six years would be scarier than exploring Cobbs subconscious in Inception. Nonetheless, in the average human lifetime, you would have spent a total of six years trapped in the world of your dreams. That's actual dream time too, not sleep time.

Roman retrieval

During the Roman Era, people who had particularly intense or significant dreams were allowed to submit their dreams to the Senate, where they would then be analysed and an interpretation would be provided.

Faded memories

Dreams, no matter how intense they are, quickly fade out of our conscious minds after waking. After just five minutes, half of what happened in our dreams is forgotten. Turn that five minutes to ten minutes, and over 90% is forgotten. We still don't fully understand why it is so hard to remember our dreams.

Brainy sleeper

You may think that sleep and dreams are the time for your brain to unwind and 'shut-down' from your conscious day. The surprising truth is actually the opposite. Brain wave analysis has shown greater brain wave activity when we are dreaming than when we are awake.