Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to buy items from ebay without a credit card(for Sri Lankans)?

In this post I'm  going to explain you the easiest way to purchase in ebay and get items posted to your home for Sri lankans. For this you will only need a savings bank account and a debit card.

The first step is to open a bank account. Commercial bank, Sampath bank and Hatton National banks allow international transactions. But the best bank to choose is Commercial bank. Because they issue an international Visa shopping debit card which is already activated for international transactions.

Go to your nearest Commercial bank and open a savings account.
Ask for a debit card application and fill it applying for a Visa shopping debit card. Not a master card. They charge Rs.400 for the card. Any bank does.
You can obtain the card within 15 minutes if you don't want your name printed on it.
If you want your name on the card, your card will sent via post within two weeks.

After you obtain your card check it's balance with an ATM. Then your card will be activated.

Then go to  website and register as a new user.

Enter your address and other details correctly. 
Then you will receive a confirmation email to your email address. Confirm it and sign in to your ebay account. 

Then visit and make a new personal account. 
Enter your details correctly. 

Confirm the confirmation email that you will receive and sign in to your paypal account. 
Go to profile tab and select add/edit card. Enter your card details here. (Card number and other details). Then they will ask for a 3 digit number mentioned after the card number in your card. 
You will find it on the card. 

After that, you need to get your card verified. For this you need to transfer 1$  to paypal. Don't worry this will be credited back once the account is verified. 

The way to verify the account is,  when you transfer the money to paypal, the transaction will be recorded in your bank account. A four digit number will appear in your bank statement for this transaction. You simply can call your bank and ask for this number. They will ask your detail just to confirm that the owner is speaking. 

Enter this number in your paypal account and then you are verified. 
Now you are ready to purchase. 

Now go to ebay and find your items. 

Sometimes ebay sends coupons for new users.
Make sure you get a free shipping and buy it now item. Because sometimes shipping charges are more than the price of your item. Bidding items are not sure to have. Therefore when you search, go for advanced search and specify your search. 

In advanced search you can specify the price range, keyword and category.

You can also specify buying format and shipping option. 

You can find cheap items if you search the right way.