Thursday, March 14, 2013

Touch Screen and health

We are all fully aware of the anti-biotic resistant bacteria, which exists in our hospitals. There are all sorts of fungus, viruses, diseases, and other things that humans will have to deal with in the future along these lines. Yes, we will no doubt come up with nano-particles which will be able to defeat these types of bacteria, and other strategies such as using nano-copper material or titanium dioxide to help us. But, don't forget that there are real challenges we face in the future.

Also, let's not forget the reality that there are bio weapons being created, and mankind is busy experimenting with the modification of various species on the planet, including many crop species and foods that we eat through bio engineering. Sometimes these experiments can create unintended consequences, just as mankind's travel throughout the world brings with it the possibility of more diseases and viruses being introduced into our society and civilization, which is relatively stable and sterile to such human biosystem challenges.

One of the biggest problems they found in hospitals where people contracted MRSA was due to the remote control which would be passed to various individuals within the room of a hospital. Yes, something as simple as the TV clicker was spreading MRSA from patient to patient. Still even having all the hospital nurses and doctors continually wash their hands and change their gloves, MRSA could still spread relatively easily. This is a real problem.

Now then, what about all the touch screen systems that people will be using in the future. There are many touchscreen kiosks out there and there will be more in the future. They will have all types of germs on them, and the glass needs to be coded with nano copper material, titanium dioxide, or other such substances, this way they will be self-cleaning, and kill the bacteria, viruses, or diseases caused from the interaction with human tissue.