Thursday, March 7, 2013

Solar Panels

If you are searching a good alternative of the traditional energy generation methods then a solar panel could be that alternative. If you are searching a method to reduce your heavy monthly electricity bills then the use of the solar power panels to produce the electricity from the solar energy could be that method. With the power generated from the solar power panels, you can run anything from an automobile to a refrigerator. You must have seen these panels installed in the homes or offices but do you know what the components of these panels are. Have you ever thought of how the technology of these panels work?
Components of the Solar panels
The solar photovoltaic panel is the more technical term of the solar panels because the solar cells used in the panels are also known as the photovoltaic cells. Don't get confused by the word "photovoltaic". You can break this word into two to understand the meaning of it. The term photovoltaic consists of the two words photo and voltaic where photo means light and voltaic means electricity. This term is used to give the idea that the function of these panels is to convert the light into electricity. A semi-conductor is used in the photovoltaic cells. Mostly the silicon is used as a semi-conductor. Silicon is also used in the microprocessors of every computer. Silicon is the popular semi-conductor because it has the capability to conduct electricity.

Working of the Solar Photovoltaic panels
The technology used in the solar heat collection is of two types, the solar cells and the solar collectors. In all the small DIY panels that the consumers use in the home, the solar cells are used. The workings of the solar photovoltaic panels is very simple. The panel is exposed to the sunlight and as soon as the sunlight falls on the photovoltaic cells filled with the silicon, the solar energy in the sunlight is absorbed by the photovoltaic cells and then the current is generated inside the cell. The electricity generated in the panels can also be stored. To store the electricity generated, string together the photovoltaic cells and place contacts outside the panel to tap the electric current generated.
The important point to remember for the consumers is to make sure that the panel receives maximum sunlight because sunlight is the source from which power has to be generated. Keep this thing in mind during the installation also, and suggest a position to the installers in your house that receives maximum sunlight.