Thursday, March 7, 2013

Myths About How the Brain Works

When it actually comes to how the brain works there are not many people that can really answer that. Here are many myths as to how it works but it still remains a mystery to many of us. Why is it that a lot of people are very brainy with very high IQ levels, yet many people are also not very bright and struggle to complete even the simplest of tasks when asked to do so? Some people have compared the brain to one of the muscles in the body. The saying is that if you work and train hard then your muscles will strengthen and grow. Likewise the more you make your brain work the better it will inevitably function.

So a lot of studying is a very good way to make the brain develop and function properly. What has been noticed is that unlike your muscles that can weaken as we grow older, the brain can still function very well and can still acquire information as well as before.

Another good way to get your brain stimulated is to take up reading. Reading can often put new and unexpected twists in the path of the brain. When you are reading there are many variants that can happen and your brain has to understand them all. A book is made up of many different types of characters and symbols that the brain has to decipher in order for you to understand it. Relating the events in a book to the real world is another way in which the brain works.

So a good way to increase your IQ is to start reading. You must keep your brain active if you want it to develop. Keeping the brain idle will just make it struggle to cope with anything. The harder that you work your brain the more it will improve and the more rapidly it will acquire the right information.